/dʒɜk / (say jerk)

1. a quick, sharp thrust, pull, throw, or the like; a sudden start.
2. Physiology a sudden movement of an organ or a part.
3. Weightlifting a lift in which the barbell is raised first to the shoulders, then jerked above the head with the arms held straight.
4. Colloquial a stupid or naive person.
5. (plural) US paroxysms or violent spasmodic muscular movements as resulting from excitement caused by certain religious services.
6. (plural) See physical jerks.
verb (t)
7. to give a sudden thrust, pull, or twist to; move or throw with a quick, suddenly arrested motion.
verb (i)
8. to make a sudden or spasmodic movement.
9. to move with a quick, sharp motion; move spasmodically.
10. jerk the gherkin, Colloquial (taboo) (of a male) to masturbate.
11. jerk off, Colloquial
a. (taboo) (of a man) to masturbate.
b. to waste time; procrastinate.
12. jerk out, to utter in a broken, spasmodic way.
13. jerk someone around, Colloquial to waste someone's time with folly or stupidity.
{apparently imitative}
/dʒɜk / (say jerk)

verb (t)
1. to preserve (meat, especially beef) by cutting in strips and curing by drying in the sun.
2. jerked meat, especially beef.
{American Spanish charquear, from charque, charqui jerked meat, charqui, from Quechua}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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